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What to expect during High Speed Fiber internet construction

So your neighborhood is becoming a Fiberhood. Scroll down to find out what happens during construction and our fiber internet installation process.
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Fiber Optic Construction and Installation Technicians

More about High Speed Fiber construction


As we expand to new neighborhoods you may see construction in your neighborhood. Watch this video or see the steps below to find out how it may affect you.



Questions about construction or installation?

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Step by step expectations

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Step 1: Planning

Glo Fiber works with the city to design the fiber-optics route.

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Step 2: Mark Utilities

Glo Fiber calls 811 to mark existing public utilities via environmentally friendly spray paint and/or flags on the ground in each neighborhood.

Placing Fiber Optic Lines Icon
Step 3: Place Fiber Optics

Glo Fiber partners with construction crews to install the aerial and underground fiber optic cables. Digging and/or boring may be required.

Splicing Fiber Icon
Step 4: Splice Fiber

Glo Fiber returns to splice the fiber that will connect your home and tests the Internet connection. Then we'll restore any disturbed property.

Order Fiber for Your Home Icon
Step 5: Order Internet Service

When you order fiber Internet service, Glo Fiber connects the fiber to your home in preparation for your install.

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Step 6: Enjoy Internet Service

After your service order has been completed and your fiber Internet service has been fully installed, get ready to Glo!

Get ready to Glo! Enjoy Faster Internet Today!

Once you’ve received a door hanger, that means Glo Fiber or a Glo Fiber Contractor will be working on or around your property to place fiber optic lines in about 24 hours.


All fiber construction performed on private property is completed within an easement or right-of-way. Crews may need access to a backyard if it falls within that easement.

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Fiber Optic Internet Construction Crew



Public and private utility lines.

Public Utility Lines

You may notice flags and/or paint markings indicating the proposed path of the new cable and the location of the existing utilities on your property.

Private Utility Lines

Please be advised that private lines like sprinkler systems or invisible fences are unable to be marked. If you have any private underground lines, you will need to mark those lines to avoid any damage to those facilities.


What to expect during fiber installation


Here is a step by step guide to help you know what to expect during your installation. Our friendly Glo Fiber team will help you through the entire process!

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