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Most Popular Plans

600 MBPS $65.00 Get Started
  • Internet Speed 600 MBPS
  • Ideal for Up to 8 devices
  • Great for small families, online gamers, working from home, and multiple simultaneous video streaming.
1.2 GBPS $80.00 Get Started
  • Internet Speed 1.2 GBPS
  • Ideal for Up to 10 devices
  • Large families, multiple people working from home, multiple simultaneous streamers, 4K streaming, heavy gamers and more.
2.4 GBPS $135.00 Get Started
  • Internet Speed 2.4 GBPS
  • Ideal for 12+ Devices
  • Incredibly fast speeds to handle the most intensive bandwidth consuming tasks. Great for large file transfer, large families, tons of devices, heavy online gamers and more.

More plans available, up to 5 GBPS


Why Glo Fiber?

Designed for the Internet
Designed for the Internet

Fiber was created specifically for the internet, unlike cable where the internet was an afterthought.

Symmetrical Speeds
Symmetrical Speeds

Fiber allows your upload speeds to be equal to your download speeds, unlike cable where upload speeds are way lower.

Dedicated Connection
Dedicated Connection

With cable, you are basically sharing your connection and speed with everyone nearby. Your fiber connection is all yours.

Far Reaching
Far Reaching

Fiber can carry a signal farther than other methods without the need for amplifiers, meaning less weak points.

Same Installation
Same Installation

Fiber may sound complicated, but the installation process isn't any more costly or complicated than other internet services.

Future Proof

Fiber lines don't change much. Any technological advancements happen in the office, so upgrades are fast and easy.

Glo Fiber is proud to partner with the Affordable Connectivity Program

Save up to $30 on your internet service. Click here for details.

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WiFi. Wherever.

With optional wall-to-wall WiFi service, you can connect from anywhere in the house. We use eero devices so you never miss a minute – or a megabyte.
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Make your smart home a little smarter

Faster speeds help with more than just loading websites. It means more bandwidth so all of your connected devices can have a reliable connection and perform better. Lights, cameras, faster interactions.

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